Venue Management Software

HUB provides a management software solution for every player in the Entertainment industry.


What we offer:


SCNE is our consumer product and Ireland's entertainment app, with over 6,000 users across Waterford and Galway. all our clients have access to SCNE.


Hub is our Venue Management Tool and official companion app for SCNE. Here venues can manage their Events, Promotions, Loyalty Cards and Tickets.


Popcorn is an industry standard cinema management solution which offers a state of the art assessment suite for complete efficiency and coherency in the workplace.

Web Development

HUB also provide Website and Web development for an affordable price with an extremely efficient turnover. Contact us for more information.

App Development

We specialise in App Development and provide a range of solutions for iOS and Android. Contact us for more information.


As part of our SCNE product, we also provide a state-of-the art ticketing solution providing ease for both Business and Consumer.

Available Now

SCNE is Available for iOS & Android for Free Right Now


For Businesses:


The Future of Advertising

Boost your engagement dramatically with our easy in-app marketing solution

As an advertising platform, SCNE represents a unique opportunity allowing venues to have a place on their customer's phone. On a no contract, pay-by-monthly plan, business owners can directly access thousands of users providing them with event details, exclusive offers and promotions, venue information, loyalty schemes and incentives, deals and menus all in one app.

The power of push notification advertising also comes into play allowing advertisers to notify users without the necessity of the app being open.

A Managed Solution

SCNE handles the hard work. We've developed the platform, we're managing the users, we're managing the information. The venue decide what they want, SCNE delivers it.

As part of some our plans, SCNE offers a managed solution where you tell us what you want and we deliver. Profile pages allow venues to share all the information a user needs in one place. This includes Profile Picture, Description, Genre, Map, Upcoming Events, Promotions and Also a Select number of Custom Features

Custom Features help a venue distinguish themselves from the rest. These are add-ons to a profile page that allows venues to fully promote everything they have to offer. These Include: Interactive Menus, Links, Drink Deals, Galleries, Video Reels, Resident DJs, Music Players and Rooms. Custom features are not strictly limited to this list and Partners can request the possibility of ideas that may benefit them and SCNE will implement them at no extra cost. The amount of custom features available are limited to the plan a partner is subscribed to.


A new way to inform customers

A fair, pleasant solution to push notification marketing.

One of the most exciting components within SCNE is our push notification marketing service. Push notifications allow venues to truly live on the user's phone, providing a platform for businesses to easily share whatever information they want, regardless of whether the user is in the app or not.

This allows Venues to push relevant, fresh content at the most important times and to get a foothold over competition.

Instead of "Added Event" Facebook notifications weeks in advance or often repetitive, "robotic" Messenger features, Push Notifications allow venues to add a personal, realistic touch.

Like our Venues, we believe the customer is priority. To avoid annoyance and to maintain engaged users, Push notifications are restricted based on Subscription plans and times as well as a bidding service at no extra cost.

Promotions done right

An easy to use, engaged promotions and discount system

SCNE offers a custom built promotion platform allowing venues to easily push out various discounts, offers, deals, specials or promos to our entire user base.

From Free Entry, Discounted drinks and food to 2-for-1 Specials SCNE can generate unique ticket identifiers for each user of the promotion based on the information inputted by the venue. It promotes an incentive for customers to visit your business.


Affordable Pricing

Our SCNE/HUB prices start at €20 per month depending on venue/bandwidth. For multiple venues, we operate on a discounted per-venue basis. Venues utilising our ticket feature are offered a significant monthly discount.

Popcorn prices vary based on Cinema size.

Web and App Development are priced based on Scope/Time Required.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact Jordan: or +353-83-133-9542

SCNE, Boxworks, 40 Patrick Street, Waterford